Plastic-free swaps

Plastic-free swaps

Plastic Free July is upon us, and what better time of year to get started on your plastic free journey?

As we said in our blog about Plastic Free July and the damage that plastic pollution causes our planet, it's not about throwing away everything that you already own made of plastic. It's about creating sustainable habits and making sustainable choices when it comes to our consumption, so that we can show retailers and manufacturers what we want to see in terms of supply.

Like this, we can change the world.

Swaps to replace the top four single-use plastic items

Without further ado, here are my absolute favourite, useful plastic free swaps to help tackle the ‘top 4’ issue:

(Please note that BUMI is in no affiliated in any way with the following brands or products. These are recommendations made on my own research and personal items)

Reusable bags

Ditch the supermarket plastic bags for your veggies and invest in some Reuseabe produce bags and a large shopper. Yes, you have to remember your bags before you leave the house, but there are some fantastic options that will fold into your handbag.

Reusable straws

Love drinking from a straw? Us too. Check out these beautiful bamboo straws by Panda Packaging to jazz up your Frappuccino, smoothie or cocktail. I started carrying mine wherever I go and people were asking me about them every time I got them out!

Reusable water bottle

Please, please stop buying single use plastic water bottles. Instead, why not invest in a sustainable alternative like this bamboo flask from Panda Packaging and take yours with you wherever you go instead.

Reusable Coffee Cups

This cup by WakeUp does contain some polypropylene (hmm) but it also has over 1000 uses in it, and 10% of profits of WAKEcup products also go directly to our eco charity partners, The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans International. Imagine saving over 3 years worth of disposeable coffee cup waste!

Plastic-free beauty products

We’re biased, but we think that the 120 billion units of packaging that are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry (Zero Waste Data Week) - most of which is plastic - is avoidable. We really don’t think we should be sending all that plastic to landfill each year for a few months of product use.

Our products are packed in glass jars with aluminium lids, which can be reused and recycled many times before they reach the end of their lifecycle. Aluminium can actually be recycled in an infinite loop. Even our labels are plastic-free and fully recyclable. But we aren’t the only one’s doing great work in this area. Be the change and make this the norm across the industry. Shop our range of plastic free products now.

Refills are also a great way to reuse any plastic packaging that you already own until the end of its lifecycle. Zero waste stores are a great place to find refillable products for beauty and cleaning products, and they are popping up everywhere.

Need more inspiration?

We've got your back - here are some more of our handpicked swaps.


  • Plastic cling film for beeswax food wraps

  • Plastic yellow and green scourer for an eco-friendly Kitchen scrub sponge

  • Instead of buying new spray bottles for cleaning products, simply wash your old one out and refill it with ocean saver tablets. Our favourite is the bathroom descaler.

  • Plastic dish brush for a Wooden Dish brush

  • Buy a bundle of plastic free home items from Astris & Green here

Personal care

That's is from us - I hope this helped you all on your quest to cut down or cut out plastic completely this July. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, as well as pictures of your swaps on Instagram. Remember to tag us @bumi.naturals and use the hashtag #buminaturals so that we can repost your fantastic progress!


Cover image: Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels